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My name is Melissa, and with my family are happy to welcome you at the inn “Il Campo della Quercia” (The Field of the Oak).

In December 2014, ended the transformation of this old country house of the last century into a hotel.
Respecting its characteristics, typical of the ancient mountain homes, it has been enriched with modern luxuries, able to ensure guests comfort and relaxation.
And then, the combination of wood and natural stone creates a warm family atmosphere, capable of impressive emotions.

The ring of mountains that can be seen from the panoramic bar and terrace, and the environment not much man-made, where it is not uncommon surprise deer grazing, make this place an ideal destination for sports and for the lazy, both offering countless activities to.

Even the name has a story to tell. Although today there aren’t stately oak trees near the inn located in the lawn, it has always been known as “champ dal rure”, which translated from the local dialect means “field of the oak.”
In homage to the tradition, we decided to give this name to the entire structure, which evokes immediately the nature in which we are immersed.


All rooms are equipped with en-suite bathroom with shower, hairdryer and central heating (with independent thermostat).

Each one differs from the others by color and characteristics:

  • Genzianella (2 beds)
  • Giglio di montagna (5-6 beds)
  • Stella Alpina (3-4 beds)
  • Salvia (3-4 beds)
  • Larice (3-4 beds)

The Bar is located in a “lodge” in front of the inn, and is the most characteristic part of our structure.

The large windows, which occupy almost entirely two sides, create a magical atmosphere, giving you the feeling of being outside while being in a sheltered place.

Thanks to a sliding glass door, in summer time the bar area expands like magic, occupying the nearby terrace.


We offer typical dishes of the traditional Piedmontese cuisine, enriched by a touch of creativity and prepared with genuine ingredients, possibly km 0.

The restaurant room can seat 30 people, but we also have a suitable accommodation for a romantic dinner.
To meet different types of needs, from our kitchen come out both rich wedding lunches as well as frugal meals for passing sportsmen.

We organize some evening with themed menus (bagna caôda, mixed Piedmontese fry, etc.).
Given the limited number of places, we recommend contacting us to book.

Activities for each season

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